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  • SAFETY Each dancer's safety is our top priority!

  1.  Thank you for dropping off and picking up your child on time each week.​

  2.  Students in preschool and grade school must be accompanied to and from the studio by parent/guardian.  Dancers in preschool and grade school   will not be allowed to leave the studio unaccompanied or to be dropped off or picked up outside the lobby.

  3.  Because we are on the 2nd floor of our building, we must all take extra precautions in keeping our students of all ages supervised as they enter and   exit the building.  Please have a plan set up with your older dancers - i.e. have them text you when they enter and leave the building; have one   guardian take several dancers up to class; have your dancer wait inside if you're not, yet, in the parking lot, etc.

  4.  Please do not allow your dancers to wait outside for you.  

  5.  Please do not park curbside.

       Our staff will take every precaution in keeping our dancers safe entering and leaving class.  We thank you for teaming up with us to keep our precious ​

       students safe entering and leaving the building.

  • STREET WEAR:  Regular street shoes must be worn to and from the studio, as wearing dances shoes on any surface other than the dance floor will shorten the life of the dance shoes and our dance floor.  Dancers should wear street clothes over their dancewear when entering and leaving the studio premises.        

  • ATTENDANCE:  Students are expected to attend class regularly and on time.  Starting in our 2024-25 dance year, after the winter break, no more than 4 absences (youth classes) or 3 absences (teen classes) will be allowed for recital participation.  This rule is for the benefit of all students and staff and enables each student to fully benefit from the progressive nature of dance training, as well as feel comfortable and prepared for our annual showcase that will take place late May/early June 2025.

  • ABSENCES & MAKE-UP CLASSES:  All make-up classes must be scheduled through the office and taken within one month of the absence, with the exception of family emergencies or prolonged illness.  All make-ups must be scheduled with our office and are scheduled in open, comparable classes only, so are not guaranteed.  Starting in Spring 2025, no make-up classes will be scheduled March - June, due to recital preparations and rehearsals.

  • LEAVE OF ABSENCE:  A student's spot in class will not be held without tuition paid during the time of the student's absence.  Dropping a class/not paying tuition forfeits the student's place in class and can be taken by a new student.  Notice from our office will be sent prior to dropping a student from a class.  If you need to take a leave of absence due to family emergency or extended illness, you must contact the office before the leave takes place.  Recital attendance policies apply even for excused leave of absence.

  • CLASS CHANGE:  Changes from one class to another are made with director approval only.  Instructors are not able to give class change permission.

  • STUDIO INFO:  Newsletters, notices, and up-to-date information will be posted weekly on the "info board" in the lobby, as well as on our website.  Parents/guardians/teen students, please check the info board weekly, and thank you for opening all studio e-mails and newsletters to keep up with important and ongoing studio news.  A monthly newsletter, "To the Pointe," will be posted online, sent out via e-mail, and available in the studio.  Reminders, notices, follow-up info, and some studio news will also be posted on Instagram and Facebook.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

  • OBSERVING CLASS:  Guests are welcome to observe in class during Visitors Week only.  These dates will be posted on our website calendar and in the studio, as well as sent out via e-mail, as we get closer to that date.

  • PERSONAL PROPERTY:  DWDC is not responsible for personal property.  Please label all shoes, dance bags, backpacks, and personal items.  Personal items should be brought into the classroom and stored in specified areas during class.  Dance shoe "lost and found" can be found in each dance room.  General "lost and found" is placed in our lobby.  All Lost & Found items will be donated in January and after our end-of-year recital.

  • SCHEDULE:  Class schedule is subject to change at any time.  However, once our dance year has begun, schedule changes are rare and made only when absolutely necessary.  Any changes or class cancellations will be made with as much notice as possible via e-mail and classroom handouts.  

  • CONTACTING US:  Please feel free to contact us at any time via phone, e-mail, or front desk staff.  If you're unable to speak with us, please leave us a message, and we'll get back with you no later than the next business day.  If you need to speak with us during dance hours in between classes, thank you so much for keeping conversation extremely brief.  If you need a longer conversation, we'd be more than happy to contact you before dance hours.  We have such a quick time in between classes, and it's so important that our focus be on the safety and welfare of our dancers as we switch classes.


  • Arrive and leave on time.  Arriving and leaving on time is a very important aspect of the discipline of dance and allows our dancers to receive the maximum benefits of dance class.  As well, warm-up is crucial to the dancer's health, safety, and optimal class experience.

  • Please dress out according to our dress code each week.  Correct dancewear, shoes, and hair must be on and in place before students are called into class.  We ask that you be dressed out by your second class.  (See Dress & Hair Codes for details.)

  • NO talking during class.  A quiet classroom environment displays respect for instructors, classmates, and self and is absolutely necessary for optimal learning.

  • NO gum, food, or drinks other than water in the classroom.  Water bottles with lids are permitted.  Regular water breaks during class are determined and directed by classroom teacher.  We highly recommend bringing water for before and after class and in between classes for those students with multiple classes.

  • NO jewelry, with the exception of small earrings.

  • Students of all ages are expected to thank the teacher when leaving.

  • Leave personal issues, gossip, & unncessary drama at the door.  Enter with a positive, respectful, willing attitude, and enjoy immersing yourself in dance.  

  • Dancers to enter class only when called in by instructor.

  • Parents/guardians, thank you for allowing your dancer to enter class without you when class begins.


  • No running in the studio.

  • No touching the mirrors.

  • No hanging on the dance barres or using the barres unless directed and supervised by instructor.

  • Hands and feet to self; respect everyone's personal dance space.

  • No tumbling in the studio, unless directed and supervised by instructor.

  • No food in the dance rooms.  Any food brought in the dance rooms must be kept closed and in student's

       dance bag.  Eating permitted in lobby only, with the exception of Dance & Play Combo

       and dance camps.

  • No drinks other than water in classrooms.

  • Water permitted in classrooms during instructor-directed break only and in designated area only -

       not in the middle of the dance floor.


  • Thank you for keeping all lobby conversation low and respectful during class time.

  • No running, tumbling, climbing, throwing, or rough play in the lobby at any time.

  • All children 10 and under - students and guests - must be under adult supervision at all times in the lobby.

  • Lobby desk and its contents are for use by DWDC staff only.  If you need to use the phone on the desk, and there is no receptionist on duty, please feel free.

  • Parents and guests, no entering dance room once class has begun, unless you are walking through to use the restroom.  Students, enter class when called in by instructor only, unless walking through to use the restroom.

  • Restroom use - When possible, please use our lobby restroom.  Students in class will use the restroom in Studio 1.  When coming into a class to use the restroom, we thank you for not entering the room where our preschool classes are taking place, unless absolutely necessary, as this can be very distracting to our younger dancers.  Thank you for walking behind dancers and staff when possible and for exiting and entering dance room quietly.

Thank you!

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